School Leaders

School leaders wear many hats, not the least of which is lion-tamer. 

Take public relations.  One of the best decisions I ever made was designating a highly qualified staff member to manage public relations for the school with out of class time.  
It created professional, useful and consistent communications with parents and the community.   

When working on the Guide for The California Association of School Data, Assessment and Accountability Professionals (CASDAPP), it was clear that there is a real need for data governance in schools.  The need for useful data is only increasing and it is incredibly useful.

There are at least 26 agencies requiring reports from schools in California.  Let me handle some.

Don’t overburden your counselor with testing.  Designate by outsourcing to me.

As a school leader who wore all of the hats let me wear one for you when it comes to

•       Administrative Mentorship
•       Testing coordination and implementation
•       Grant writing
•       Reports: LCAP, WASC, Safety plans
•       Human resources:  Hiring, mentoring and evaluations

•       Board development and training

Don’t hesitate to lighten your load, I am eager to help.