Thank you for the phenomenal work you did to make the training over the last two days happen.  Amazing.  That is just the kind of entrepreneurial efforts that we are looking for. 

What a mixture of public, charter and church based schools.  Also a mixture of people in different roles.  And then to have a couple of principals there too.  And to have a board member of the funding agency.  All fantastic.

Your knowledge, wisdom, relationships and enthusiasm were so evident and translated into a wonderful event. 

I talk a lot about the power of moments, and the last two days was surely that for almost all, if not all the participants.  

And the other thing that was so impressive is that you managed to have your arms around all the logistics required to pull off a two day training.  And there are a lot.  Amazing again.

It was fantastic, and it was because or you!

Neil Peterson, Founder of The Edge Foundation

Ms. Landon was willing to think outside of the box and give us options when our child was struggling.  She was open minded and willing to see how the system could be worked to meet our needs. 

Lisa Rowley, Parent

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Janet Landon for going on two decades – as my daughter’s award-winning public school drama teacher, as an arts colleague volunteering with Westchester High’s musicals, as a neighborhood and public school activist, and, most significantly, as principal (and my co-founder) of Westchester Secondary Charter School. I am impressed with her deep knowledge of education, and her remarkable strengths as an administrator. In addition to being one of the most creative problem solvers I’ve ever known, she brings an awe-inspiring passion and concern for students and teachers to everything she does.

 Ann Wexler, Parent

The advice and help that you gave to Drew has sent him on his way to be successful in a path that no one ever would have expected. The advice you have given Jamie and I with his special needs son has been super helpful, and inspiring. I don’t doubt that it will help us to steer him in a path to be self sufficient and happy. I’m glad that there are people like you out there to help kids.

Sam Cook, Parent

As a teacher you nurtured student’s talents, fostered a sense of community, and taught them that there is a larger world that needs their help all in one fell swoop. What I like best about working with you is that you see each student as an individual with individual strengths. You take the time to get to know each student guiding them to find their place in the world and to be the best individuals they can be. You know how to connect people to make the entire community stronger and are well equipped to navigate the complicated school system from elementary school to college.

Sandy Menotti, Parent